TE uses the Log Explorer to output messages. Advanced and more detailed information is displayed using TraceTool.

TraceTool is a freely available program. The current version of the software can be found under:

While starting, TE tries to activate the TraceTool and to move into the System Tray.

Double click on the icon opens the TraceTool-Viewer.

The outputs from the TraceTool can be saved into a file (text or XML). If facing problems with TE please provide us with the log file to facilitate the troubleshooting. It is located in %APPDATA%\TotalEngineer\TELog.xml. %APPDATA% is a directory that is used as a general repository for program-specific data of the current user (e.g. C:\Documents and Settings\teuser\Application Data\).

Facing a critical problem, Total Engineer will try to generate a bug report. At the moment, submitting the bug report is possible via e-mail only. You need a configured e-mail client to proceed. Please attach the log file if possible. Automatic submission of bug report will be introduced in a future release of Total Engineer.


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