Generating CNC code

After machining programs and operations have been defined it is time to generate the machine movements. The first thing you need to do in order to generate CNC programs is defining the output file. In Process Plan Explorer select the CNC program you want to generate the code for and consult the Machine Tool section in the Machinist.

First of all, you have to type in the path and name of the file where the CNC code will be stored. Additionally, you can decide (Separate Files) whether each CNC operation should be written into a separate file or not. When writing separate files for each CNC operation you can choose the option Compact Names. Normally, the name of each file will consist of the operation name preceded by the names of its parent(s) and the file name you defined in the Output section. If you choose to shorten the names the name of each file will only consist of the operation name preceded the file name you defined in the Output section. Be careful using these options as overwrites are possible! It is the responsibility of the user to avoid them.

Main Settings section allows the user to set some basic parameters used when generating the CNC code.

Next, it is possible to customize the CNC code using the User Input section. Property sheets File Header, Initialization and Finalization gives the user the opportunity to put any text in the corresponding sections in order to customize the process. Init. Sub-Program, Fin. Sub-Program and Positioning are used by some postprocessors only in order to customize sub-programs and positioning movements.

Finally, the last section exposes options offered by the postprocessor, which allowing to customize the output for your CNC control.

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