First steps

Total Engineer works with documents. Those contain various data (for example: geometrical objects), which can be used for further processing. An overview about the available documents give the Topology- and Triangulation Explorer.

TE main window contains (if at least one document was created) in the central part the viewer(s). The viewer shows the representation of the objects of the associated documents. All TE windows can be freely positioned (Drag&Drop). Thus, it is possible for user to create a custom layout. This layout will be saved while the application is being closed and then loaded again when the application starts.

All conducted operations – for example using menu commands etc. – influence the active document only. The active document is the one whose viewer is currently selected.

Objects are geometrical models, which contain additional information such as color, position, orientation, and so on. Objects are assigned to documents. An overview of the existing objects provide the Topology- and Triangulation Explorer.

Object manipulation is possible using various toolbars. Objects must be selected in order to be manipulated.

The toolbar View allows navigating in the viewer. Alternatively, the navigation can be conducted using the mouse and / or the keyboard:

  • Rotate – middle mouse button (mouse wheel) | CTRL + right mouse button
  • Move – middle + right mouse button | CTRL + middle mouse button
  • Zoom – mouse wheel | CTRL + left mouse button

Objects can be either directly generated in TE or imported (Menu File).

TE makes – through various export functions – internal information available for other programs. The corresponding commands can also be found in the Menu File. Solely the objects selected in the viewer will be exported. All other objects will be ignored by the export function.

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